Raise awareness and create engagement for Harley Davidson and touring amongst existing and competitive riders through the journey of discovery.

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The Problem

Harley Davidson dominate the touring market in the US, however this was not the case for the EMEA markets. The need was to showcase the ability of a Harley touring bike, changing public perception and drawing a younger audience to become EMEA touring market competitors.

The Vision

Appealing to competitor bikers the vision was to celebrate touring and the community as a whole. The idea was to cover as much ground as possible across Europe, Middle East and Africa, riding some of the best touring roads whilst discovering vibrant cultures, sights and sounds that represent the passion, self-expression and discovery of a Harley Davidson and telling those stories along the way.

What We Did

On the 5th May 2014 in the Middle East, the Discover More Street Glide bike began its journey across two continents, 20,000km and 32 countries. Arranging all tour logistics, alongside influencer management, we managed a small on-the-road production team from itdrewitself to create content for the Discover More website, developed alongside Sapient. In control of Harley Davidson Europe’s social channels we were able to share content and engage in real time with our audience.

The Result

Developed an ‘on the road’ content campaign that stretched across 4 months. The campaign was exemplified in a series of videos across 12 legs of the tour, each accompanied with a photo journal. The Discover More website aggregated all content, including external contributions from the audience using #DiscoverMore2014

As a result Harley Davidson’s share of the touring market across the EMEA markets increased by 3% and Discover More 2014 was nominated in the PR Week Awards 2015 for marketing and communications in transport.