The story of one individual’s journey of discovery in search for the greatest rides across Europe.

20M+ Social Reach
500,000+ Unique Visits
3800+ Test Rides


The Problem

Following on from the success of Discover More 2014 and cementing their presence as touring competitors in EMEA markets, Harley Davidson look to take it that one step further to becoming touring advocates, specialists and facilitators. Increasing test rides and changing perception.

The Vision

Moving focus onto one person, to capture the exploration of new experiences, cultures and routes they encounter, we create a compelling reason to believe in the brand. Showcasing what Europe has to offer we continue the theme of discovery in search of the greatest european rides.

What We Did

Receiving more than 10,000 applicants, Harley Davidson embarked on the search for an individual to take on the job of a lifetime. The successful candidate embarked on a ten week tour, unearthing 10 of Europe’s greatest rides and sharing the stories online.

Managing tour logistics, Harley social channels alongside media arrangements and influencer management we were able to facilitate itdrewitself to execute on the road production with a small and nimble crew.

The Result

Ten regular blog posts from the rider in journal format accompanied by a photo essay and a ten part video series of the tour, all housed on Greatest Rides. Social posts were made in real time with direct audience engagement, both with the rider and Harley Davidson.

The Greatest Rides website is a online resource for touring roads, route and tips. The sharing network allows you to search for various routes that people across the world have uploaded to their profile, with the option of rating different aspects, as well as video and image upload.