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Generator Hostels


Stories from a City…


The Problem

Generator have hostels located in some of the most culturally rich cities in Europe. A vibrant brand hosting unique social events, they are set to become the destination for younger travellers.

The Vision

There is more to a city than just the usual landmarks and tourist attractions. Digging beneath the surface you can gain a real understanding of what makes a city tick. The people, the lifestyle, the scenery, captured to tell unique and untold stories.

What We Did

A team of documentary filmmakers and photographers explore five of Europe’s most inspiring cities. Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Hamburg and London. Through film, photography and writing, they tell the stories of the people, places and cultures they have encountered.

The Result

An online publication with editorial pieces, accompanied by photography and a postcard video for each city, with ‘off the beaten track’ city guides and regular, real-time social posts.